‘Covid took the better of me’: Kim Atienza misses daughter’s high school graduation 


Kim Atienza recently revealed he missed his daughter Eliana’s high school graduation after he had caught COVID-19.  

The weather anchor, fondly known as Kuya Kim, shared how his much-awaited day did not go as planned.  

“I took a leave for this day I was sooo looking forward but covid took the better of me and I had to isolate at home,” he wrote.  

On his Instagram post he shared the photos of his wife Felicia and his son Jose at the face-to-face graduation ceremony.  

Kuya Kim also penned an adorable message for his daughter, expressing how proud he was of her Ivy League bound kid.  

He mentioned in his lengthy caption that Eliana will be pursuing her college degree at the University of Pennsylvania.  

“Parents are like bows and you are like an arrouw. Our job is to shoot you far and straight and high….. far away from us. It is sad but that’s what parents are designed to do.  

“I love you and will always be proud of you my dearest baby,” his message read.  

On a recent social media post, he updated his fans that he is now improving on his fourth day of isolation.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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