Sharon Cuneta shares heartbreak over death of Fanny Serrano


Megastar Sharon Cuneta is mourning the death of her good friend, celebrity makeup artist and stylist Fanny Serrano.

“Too much heartbreak, in only a matter of days,” wrote Sharon in an Instagram post on Thursday, days after news of Fanny’s death broke out. 

On the same day, Sharon, who’s one of Fanny’s longtime muses, paid a heartfelt tribute to the late makeup artist to the stars. 

Sharon in an Instagram post, turned emotional as she thanked Fanny for the moments they shared and their friendship that lasted over three decades. 

“The hands that made me feel and look beautiful for over thirty years, even when I didn’t think I did. Thank you, my dearest TF, my Tita Fanny, for your love, friendship, loyalty, and for all the laughter we shared. Thank you for wiping so many tears quietly as they poured from my eyes on so very many occasions over all these three decades,” said Sharon. 

“I find peace in that I kept my promise to you. I know you have gone straight to heaven, and I pray that I see and laugh with you again there someday…I love you so very much,” added the singer-actress in her Instagram post that showed a photo of her touching the glass on Fanny’s casket. 

Sharon previously broke down in tears in a video she posted in March 2021 as she asked healing prayers for Fanny who at the time suffered a stroke for the second time years after he had it in 2016. 

Known in the industry as Tita Fanny,  Felix Mariano Fausto Jr. Died peacefully in his sleep at his home in Quezon City on Tuesday night. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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