Glaiza De Castro, husband David Rainey take on Spartan Trail race in Baguio 


Glaiza De Castro and her husband David Rainey spent their weekend testing their limits when they joined the 10K Spartan Trail race in Baguio City.  

The actress spoke candidly about her experience on the trail in a recent social media post.  

She said she struggled during the entire run knowing it had been a while since she last trained for events like this.  

“Honestly it felt more like a trek to me as there were so many uphills. I gave my all on the first and after reaching the top, I suddenly felt faint (this happens to me when I haven’t been working out),” she wrote. 

Glaiza revealed what had motivated her to push through with the race was her fellow runners who were struggling but enjoying the experience.  

“It’s amazing how nature can give us comfort in times of hardship if you can just stop for a while and breathe it all in times of hardship if you can just stop for a while and breathe it all in. I felt almost emotional when we got to the finish line,” she added.  

She then thanked her Irish businessman hubby for joining and motivating her throughout their trail run on Saturday.  

It was in October of last year when the couple tied the knot at a breathtaking location overlooking the ocean in Northern Island. 

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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