Iya Villania and Drew Arellano’s kids recover from COVID-19 symptoms


Iya Villania feels grateful now that her kids are feeling better after suffering from COVID-19 symptoms these past few days. 

The celebrity mom in an Instagram story on Saturday, shared a video of her children with husband Drew Arellano at home after falling ill with COVID-19. 

In the video, Primo, Leon, and Alana were seen all back to their playful selves. 

“Alright guys, I think we’re all good here na guys. I missed their energy. I miss their combined powers”, Iya said in the video. 

“Thank you Lord. Praying for everyone else’s recovery,” added the relieved mom. 

Iya and Drew were the first ones to test positive for COVID-19 last week, and had to immediately isolate themselves from their kids to spare them from contracting the coronavirus. 

“Drew and I are still hanging onto that little chance that maybe the kids are spared,” wrote Iya in an Instagram post on Monday alongside photos of their children from behind glass doors. 

Primo, Leon, and Alana, however, started experiencing symptoms such one by one. 

Iya, who is pregnant with her fourth child, nevertheless, was thankful enough that she and Drew were able to recover first to take care of their kids.

As of Friday night, Iya revealed in a 24 Oras report that their kids were all recovering well.  

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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