Sinayang vs sinaing: Netizens get kilig over exes Alodia Gosiengfiao and Wil Dasovich’s FB posts


“Comeback reveal?”

Wil Dasovich brought laughter online after he seemingly poked fun at ex-girlfriend’s Alodia Gosiengfia’s “sinayang” post on Facebook. 

Alodia on Thursday stunned netizens when she posted a photo of herself in a form-fitting gold gown from a red carpet event, which came with an interesting caption. 

“Hi. Ako nga pala yung sinayang mo,” the cosplay star and online content creator captioned the photo. 

Fans in the comments section couldn’t help but think that Alodia was alluding to her ex-boyfriend Wil Dasovich. 

Alodia’s sister Ashley Gosiengfiao also had the conversation going when she commented, “Tag ko na ba?”

‘Ako nga pala yung sinayang mo’: Alodia Gosiengfiao stuns in gold

Alodia, however, later clarified in a separate Facebook post that “yesterday’s post was based on a meme quote I saw somewhere on the intarweb but a few people took it seriously so sorry for the confusion.”

She added, “I’ve been posting memes daily for a while now because I like sharing funny things. Even have a page dedicated to it which has been up for almost a decade.”

A day after, Wil uploaded a photo of himself wearing an apron while holding cooked rice and playfully wrote in caption: “Hi ako nga pala yung sinaing mo.” Fans assumed it was his response to Alodia’s Facebook post. 

Meanwhile, Ashley was also spotted commenting: “Tag ko na yung kusinero.”

To which Wil responded: “Wag na, baka nagboblow up na fone niyan.” 

Some netizens who got kilig over Alodia and Wil thought that the ex-couple was going to have a “comeback”. 

Here are some of their comments:

“Parang may comeback na mangyayari ahhhh!!”

“Please come back reveal na yarn”.

“OMG hahaha cute niyong 2. Baka naman pwede kayong 2 na lang ulit. Joke po.”

Alodia and Wil surprised their fans in November last year after the former revealed that they had called it quits after four years of being in a relationship. 

Shortly after her revelation, Alodia answered fans’ questions about the possibility of a reconciliation. “Mayroon pa bang comeback? We don’t know. Nakailang comeback na kasi, you know? Things happen for a reason.”

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