KC Concepcion explains why she doesn’t meet with her sister Frankie in New York


In KC Concepcion’s birthday post for Frankie Pangilinan, one netizen couldn’t help but ask why she doesn’t meet with her sister considering that they are both in New York City.  

The actress penned a lengthy message for her younger sister, even promising her that she will be her older sister forever.  

“I pray that the years bring us closer together and that many great memories between us can be made! Enjoy your birthday in flight! I’ll miss you for the holidays this year but know that tho none of us is ever perfect, I am your older sister forever who can guide you with the lessons I’ve learned in life that may be useful to you – and I’m just a call away!” she wrote.  

Under the comments section, a curious netizen asked why the two sisters couldn’t meet up since both of them are in New York.  

KC replied: “She’s super stressed with finals week! Pls pray for her!” 

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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