WATCH: Baby Malia has hilarious reaction after being offered balut by mom Pokwang


Pokwang’s daughter Malia had this cute and funny reaction when her mom asked her to eat a balut. 

In a recent Instagram post, Pokwang shared a video of Malia singing to the tune of a Christmas song while playing with a bowl of balut in front of her. 

When Pokwang offered Malia to have a taste of the balut juice, the two-year-old refused, saying, “Eeew, it is not for me. I can’t try.” 

But when Pokwang let Malia see what’s inside the balut, the latter adorably said “Aww, so cute duck.”

Malia’s response had her mom bursting out in laughter. She even waved hello to the duck egg when her mom made her take a closer look at it. 

“It’s a duck. It’s gotten in there, you see oh. Ah, Hello. This is one cutie duck.”

“Kakain sya ng saluyot, okra, ampalaya, malunggay pero wag lang talaga balut hahahhahaa,” Pokwang captioned her Instagram post.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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