Pia Wurtzbach shares update on mental health journey


Pia Wurtzbach spoke from the heart when she shared an update on her mental health journey to her fans.  

The Miss Universe 2015 took time to open up to her supporters on social media about a recent challenge that triggered emotions about her past.  

She recounted that for the past weeks, she has been preparing for a “really personal” speech that gave rise to pent-up emotions and memories. Admittedly, Pia shared that this big task has put her in a bad place for quite some time. 

“Sometimes when you go back to the past, it still stings! And even for someone like me who looks like they got their life together from the outside, could still be going through a mental health journey,” she said.  

The 32-year-old made it clear that her Instagram post is not for collecting her fans’ sympathy but rather to remind them that it’s okay to feel down and to talk about their feelings openly.  

“I don’t know, but maybe somebody needs to hear this today. You’re okay, talk it out and take some time to do what’s good for your mental health, she ended.  

While Pia did not specify what her big speech was for, she promised her fans that she will share the details soon. 


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