Alex Gonzaga reveals most painful moment of her miscarriage


Alex Gonzaga was finally ready to share the journey of her first pregnancy. In an emotional YouTube video, the host-actress opened up on the most painful moment of her miscarriage.  

On her emotional vlog, Alex shared her and her husband Mikee Morada’s rollercoaster of a journey from the joys of telling their loved ones the big news to finally closing the book on their first pregnancy.  

After chronicling their tear-jerking journey, Alex and Mikee sat down to finally open up about their sentiments on what had happened.  

For the 33-year-old, she revealed that the most painful moment in their journey was having to break the sad news to her husband.  

“As a wife, feeling mo nag-fail ka sa husband mo kasi gustong gusto na ni Mikee pero syempre, wala ka naman magagawa dun,” she said.  

Just before they found out that she experienced blighted ovum, it was clear in her vlog that Mikee was the most excited that he was finally going to be a father. 

Blighted ovum was said to occur when a fertilized egg implants in the uterus but does not develop into an embryo.  

Meanwhile, Mikee revealed that Alex was actually the strongest between the two of them.  

“Sa totoo lang, mas malakas nga siya sa akin kasi medyo di ko lang (sinasabi) pero malungkot ako,” he said.  

But even with their experience, the couple affirmed that they have both managed to comfort each other throughout their healing process.  

Alex has also reminded other women who have gone through the same journey to leave it all up to the Lord.  

“If it’s meant that the Lord will bless you with new life it will happen. You just really have to leave it all to the lord. Sobrang preachy siya pero yun ang nagpatibay sa amin ni Mikee, yun yung nagpalakas sa amin ni Mikee,” she said.  

She then shared that if ever they are blessed with another baby, they might not reveal it to their fans immediately.  

“This will always be a reminder that he blessed us with our first pregnancy and this experience that his grace was with us, he comforted us and he was with us all throughout this journey so we can never ever forget this moment,” she ended.  

It has been a week since, Alex opened up on her miscarriage on a social media post.  

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Rossane Ramos
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