AJ Raval apologizes to Kylie Padilla for sharing Aljur Abrenica’s statement


AJ Raval has expressed regret for sharing Aljur Abrenica’s statement about the breakdown of his marriage to Kylie Padilla.

On Tuesday, Aljur broke his silence on his controversial split with Kylie, challenging his estranged wife to tell the public the supposed truth about “who cheated first” and “who wrecked our family” in a scathing post shared on his Facebook page.

Shortly after, AJ, who’s currently being romantically linked to Aljur, reposted the same statement on her own Facebook page, a move that didn’t sit well with netizens.

On Wednesday night, the 26-year-old sexy star took to her verified TikTok account with over 7 million followers to explain why she shared Aljur’s post.

In her two-minute-plus video, AJ said that she only wanted to “protect myself and my family” and defend herself after being called names and tagged as the third party that caused the separation of Aljur and Kylie.

“Tungkol to sa statement ni AJ (nickname of Aljur) na shinare ko, gusto ko lang i-explain bakit ko shinare,” she began.

“Hindi naman sa nakisawsaw ako sa issue nila. Shinare ko yun because I’m trying to protect myself and my family also. People are accusing me sa isang bagay na hindi ko naman ginagawa. Tinatawag nila akong kabit, tinatawag nila akong homewrecker, which is hindi naman totoo.

“Wala akong sinirang pamilya, never akong maninira ng pamilya.”

AJ said that at first she didn’t care about the accusations hurled against her, but that changed after seeing how much her family is getting affected.

“Pati family ko nadadamay na, yung parents ko. Well nung una, tinatanggap ko pa yung mga sinasabi sa akin ng mga tao. Pero ngayon nadadamay na family ko, sobrang affected ako, nanay ko nakikta kong umiiyak, naapektuhan ako dun.”

She stressed that she doesn’t care and has no right to comment on the issue between the estranged couple Aljur and Kylie.

“Well, to be honest, wala talaga akong pakialam sa issue nila before. Narinig ko na yun but never ako naglabas ng kahit anong statement or what tungkol dun kasi wala talaga akong right magsalita tungkol sa issue na yun. Sila lang dalawa ang pwede magsalita dun.”

She then reiterated her apologies over sharing the statement, saying she just got carried away by her emotions.

“And yes shinare ko lang yun, dala ng emotions, kasi I’m hurting and I’m really sorry sa lahat ng mga na-apektuhan. Sa mga nagalit, I’m really sorry.”

AJ also said she was deeply sorry to Kylie: “And also kay Kylie, I’m really sorry kung shinare ko yung statement na yun.”

She agreed with comments saying she showed immaturity for doing what she did.

“It’s not my intention to hurt anybody, I was just trying to protect myself kaya lang mali yung way ko. Pero na realize ko rin na baka tama kayo, I’m too immature and I need to grow. I’m really sorry sa lahat ng naapektuhan at sa lahat pong nagalit, pasensya na po at sana mapatawad niyo ako.”

AJ, meanwhile, thanked fans who are standing by her and continue to offer support.

“Maraming, maraming salamat sa mga nagmamahal sa akin, sa mga sumusuporta. Nababasa ko yung mga message niyo, na appreciate ko kayo lahat. Thank you.”

The actress said she is thinking of leaving social media for her peace of mind and mental health.

“Ayoko na, gusto ko lang po ng peace. Sana matapos na ‘to kasi bugbog na talaga yung mental health ko, hindi ko na kaya. Mag-so-social media detox muna ako siguro. Next year na ako babalik sa social media.”


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