Andi Eigenmann’s ‘sunshine boy’ Koa is now 9 months old


Nine months flew by fast for mommy of three, Andi Eigenmann. The actress opened up that it felt like it was just yesterday when she first held her baby boy Koa. 

In a special social media post marking her youngest’s ninth month, the celebrity mom shared how life is like now with “Koala boy”. 

“What once was quiet, well-behaved, always-sleepy Koala boy, is now always wanting to join in on all the fun! (Still well-behaved),” she wrote. 

Seems like little Koa is one cheeky baby. Andi shared his cute trick to let his sisters allow him to join their play time. 

“His ticket to be welcomed into his sisters’ play time is flashing a big teeth-ful smile like this one. Going on trips is slowly getting more fun and exciting with Koa now being able to take part in the activities,” she said. 

Andi also shared that baby Koa will definitely be riding the waves with his dad, champion surfer Philmar Alipayo. 

Back in September, her baby boy made headlines after she shared photos of Koa’s first skating experience at eight months old. 

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