‘Praying for your healing’: Alex Gonzaga gets outpour of love and support after miscarriage


After finally baring her truth about losing her first baby, Alex Gonzaga received nothing but love from her friends, family and fans.

In her Instagram post, the television host and vlogger shared that after two months of carrying her and her husband Mikee Morada’s baby, she experienced a blighted ovum. 

It is said to occur when a fertilized egg implants in the uterus but does not develop into an embryo. 

“Our doctor advised us to wait for the process to naturally take its course. So we had to wait for awhile for the pregnancy to finally end before we can tell our story,” she said. 

While the situation tested their faith, Alex admitted that everyday, they clung on to a miracle that maybe an embryo would still appear. 

But just last week, Alex said, the Lord finally closed the book on her first pregnancy.

“Mikee and I held on to our Lord Jesus to prepare and help us accept our situation. He blessed us with a kind of LOVE that is ready to understand,” she wrote.

With the unfortunate news, the 33-year-old received an outpour of love and support from her loved ones on social media. 

On Monday, Alex thanked those who sent them their regards after her news. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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