‘Life goes on’: Raymond Gutierrez gives update after car accident in US


A still “slightly traumatized” Raymond Gutierrez took to social media to share that he had a hospital visit the day after the car he was riding figured in an accident.

Following his vehicular mishap in Los Angeles, California, the television host revealed that he felt pain on his head and neck.  

“Did a CT scan, x-rays and general checkup after the accident since my head and neck started hurting the next day,” he wrote along with the photo of the computed tomography machine.  

Photo from Raymond Gutierrez’s Instagram story

In another Instagram story, the 37-year-old assured his fans that while he is still traumatized from the incident, “life goes on.”

Photo from Raymond Gutierrez’s Instagram story

It was on Thursday, when he shared the experience through a series of Instagram stories. Raymond assured his friends and family that he is safe and well after the accident.  

“I’m fine. My initial instinct earlier was just to continue on (with) my day but then I started getting a little bit dizzy so I decided to go home and rest,” he shared.  

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