‘Wag na mag-artista’: Julia Barretto advises younger brother Leon


For protective ate Julia Barretto, it’s a hard no if her younger brother Leon decides to pursue a career in showbiz.  

In Leon’s most recent YouTube video, the actress shared that a showbiz career is not the path that she wants for her 18-year-old brother.  

When asked what profession would she want for Leon in the future, Julia was quick to say: “Not artista.”

“I keep telling Leon this, seriously. Kumontra na kayo kung gusto niyo, pero sabi ko, ‘Leon, be whatever you want. No one’s gonna stop you. Wag ka lang mag artista,’” she explained.  

Julia said her brother might fare well with a career in public relations and marketing. 

She added: “Honestly, gusto ko rin siya maging basketball player kasi grabe yung height. It’s nice to get into sports.” 

In the same vlog, Julia joked that her ideal girl for Leon is Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres’ daughter Juliana Gomez.  

“The best kind of partner to have (is someone) who is supportive, the partner who brings out the best in you, who pushes you to be the best version of yourself, who inspires you without instilling it in you but inspires you by just being. So, a partner who leads by example is a great partner,” she advised.  

Watch their heart-to-heart talk here:  

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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