Billy Crawford starts countdown to son Amari’s first birthday


Billy Crawford is more than excited to celebrate the first birthday of his and wife Coleen Garcia’s baby boy Amari.  

On social media, the celebrity dad penned a sweet post for his “little man” just days before his birthday.  

“You have no idea the joy you bring to our family baby boy. I thank God every single day for my beautiful wife and for this little angel. Remember little man, Mommy and Daddy are always right here no matter what! We love you so so much,” he wrote.  

In his post, the television host shared the cutest snaps of their little family enjoying life at home.  

Meanwhile, Coleen shared the set of photos from their shoot.  

“This is how we run away from bad vibes,” she wrote in the caption.  

Coleen gave birth to their firstborn back in September of last year through water birth.  

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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