Cute! Solenn Heussaff teaches Anne Curtis how to cut a watermelon for recipe


Anne Curtis can count on her sister-in-law Solenn Heussaff on everything, including lessons on slicing watermelons. 

In a series of Instagram stories on Friday, Solenn shared clips of her video calling Anne as she taught her how to cut a watermelon for a recipe under their baby wear brand Tili Dahli. 

“Oh my god! I’m so nervous,” said Anne while Solenn gave her instructions, step by step, on cutting the fruit into wedges. 

“I got 99 problems but Anne’s watermelon may be my 100th,” Solenn said in jest.

Anne and Solenn’s virtual teamwork worked out as the watermelon recipe looked great on Tili Dahli’s Instagram page.

The sisters-in-law launched Tili Dahli, a fashion brand for babies named after their daughters Thylane and Dahlia.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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