Sharon Cuneta reveals she had breast reduction


Sharon Cuneta spoke candidly about having her breast size reduced recently.  

The veteran actress-singer made the revelation during the press conference of her latest film, Revirginized.  

Sharon shared that she gained weight when she had to breastfeed her youngest daughter Miel when she was still a baby. She said that after recently losing weight, “a lot of it was skin and fat”. 

“I had my chest reduced kasi I gained so much weight and then I breastfed Miel and then after gaining ang losing, a lot of it was skin and fat. No, I didn’t have implants. It was all natural but it was all skin and fat so I had it reduced,” she said.  

On a past Instagram post, back in June, Sharon hinted that something in the photo will soon become smaller.  

“Titigan niyo na pong mabuti. Kasi baka may liliit na po sa pics na yan,” she wrote in the caption.  

The Megastar said that if there’s one thing she had to change to fit into her new role in the film, it’s her weight. 

“Ang effort ko lang ay pag patuloy ang pag payat ko,” she mentioned.  

According to the 55-year-old, since she landed the leading lady role for her comeback film, she wanted to look the part. 

She shared: “If you wanna look like a leading lady and star in a lead role, you have to look like a leading lady so I’m working on that.” 

Sharon recently arrived back home from the U.S. after her short break to “collect herself and gain strength”. 

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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