Ellen Adarna shows how much fiancé Derek Ramsay fears cockroaches



Derek Ramsay is super scared of cockroaches! Who can relate?

In her Instagram stories, Ellen Adarna shared a video of her fiancé Derek Ramsay curling up in fear while she was bringing the dead insect closer to him.

“Suntukan ‘to,” Derek said while burying his face on the sofa.

Derek was also screaming while repeatedly saying “no,” “please,” and “stop it” as he begged an amused Ellen to put away the cockroach.

In another Instagram story posted by Ellen’s friend Vito Selma, Derek was seen kicking a bit as he tried to push away his girlfriend, who held the cockroach.

Courtesy of Vito Selma Instagram

Ellen, meanwhile, burst into laughter while keeping her distance from Derek.

The fear of flying cockroaches is actually real and it’s called Katsaridaphobia.

On his Instagram, Derek readily acknowledged his fear of the insect with funny quote: “Ang tunay na may tibay ng loob, tumatakbo pa rin ‘pag may flying ipis.”

Poking fun at each other on social media is not new to the couple. Last June 17, Derek posted a photo of Ellen sleeping with her mouth open.

On June 28, Ellen took revenge by uploading a video of her fiancé snoring while asleep. On the same day, Derek also shared a video of Ellen sleeping soundly.

The celebrity couple was engaged in March after almost two months of being together.

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