Cheska and Doug Kramer’s gift for daughter Kendra comes with a funny ‘warning’


Kendra, the eldest child of Cheska Garcia and Doug Kramer, has the best wallpaper on her newest gadget. 

Doug shared in an Instagram post on Tuesday that they have gifted their 12-year-old daughter an iPad that she could use for her schoolwork. 

“Having a gadget is a responsibility. High school means more paperwork, and @kramer.kendra loves doing essays and writing poems. So we gifted Kendra with an iPad pro and turned it over to her today,” wrote Doug in the caption. 

Letting Kendra know that her parents want her to make good use of the gadget, Cheska and Doug set the iPad’s wallpaper with a photo of them giving the “eyes on you” look. 

“With a warning though, mommy and I are always watching 😂😂😂,” added Doug. 

Aside from Kendra, Cheska and Doug are also parents to Scarlet and Gavin. 

The Team Kramer recently went on a trip to Amanpulo for Doug’s birthday getaway.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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