Marjorie Barretto shares daughter Claudia’s achievements


Marjorie Barretto is a proud mom to her daughter Claudia.  

On social media, the celebrity mom shared all the achievements her 21-year-old daughter collected recently.  

Claudia, an up-and-comer in the music scene has just released her new song Nothing To Do featuring Curtismith. The single is her first release with Viva Records.  

On top of this milestone, Marjorie shared that Claudia is an honor student in college where she is taking up Psychology. 

“And the bonus… she tells me the other day that she’s FIRST HONOR in school! What a blessing she has been. She is now a Senior in College at the Ateneo.  

“I’m so excited for your future, Claudia. I love you so much. God is awesome,” Marjorie wrote.

Recently, the single mom celebrated her only son’s graduation. Leon ended high school with flying colors and seven medals.  

Marjorie was especially thankful for her second daughter Julia, who she said had helped her put Leon in a good school.  

“And special THANK YOU Julia for helping me put Leon in a good school. I couldn’t have done it all with out your help. You must be so proud too, missing you so much,” she wrote.  

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