Nadine Lustre: ‘I can actually survive without social media’


By Ella Mercado

Nadine Lustre has recently opened up about her relationship with social media, as well as the toxicity she encountered online.

In a one-on-one talk with TV host Boy Abunda, Lustre revealed that various factors have driven her to social media breaks, but the breaking point for her was netizens leaving negative messages or comments about the people she loved.

“(Social media) has definitely changed… As much as possible, I don’t really deal with the toxicity. It’s very toxic. There are so many people who are throwing hate and saying whatever they want just to bring other people down,” she said.

“If it’s about me, I don’t really care. You can say whatever you want to me, but if it’s, you know, people that I care about, people that I love. It’s a different story,” she added.

The actress also claimed that she can survive without using social media platforms but can’t let them go because they’re “part of my work”.

Especially in the time of pandemic which restricts fan-idol interactions such as mall events and concerts, updating on social media is a way of reaching out to each other. 

On the same note, Lustre said that her posts are things that she wants to share, and things that her fans and the general public can take inspiration from and use to “start the spark” of creativity. 

“I feel like this is my way of giving back to them and making them feel like, ‘Oh hey, I still remember you all and I still love you all,” she added.

But the young actress also viewed toxicity online as a sort of balance.

“There are people who are so good on social (media)… at the same time there are also people that just wanna, you know, just wanna hate on someone. So it, there’s a fine balance to it,” she explained.

Watch the full interview below:

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