Kris Aquino on eldest son Josh: ‘In many ways, he helped me grow up’


Kris Aquino penned a lengthy, emotional post on social media as her eldest son Josh turned 26 on Friday.  

In her post, she shared that while her son has been bullied and dragged into politics for being in the autism spectrum, many have defended him and witnessed how pure his heart is.  

“I have often said life isn’t perfect BUT it does have many wonderful moments. Hindi possible for Kuya Josh, Bimb and me to share our blessings had you not given me the trust and support you have,” she said.  

The Queen of All Media continued to share that their fans’ support and acceptance after she gave birth to Josh allowed her to go back to her true career.

“Lahatng meron kaming mag nanay, nanggaling sa trabaho ko na sinuportahan ninyo. Habang kakayanin, patuloy namin ibabalik sa inyo yung blessing that you gave the 3 Aquinos,” she wrote.  

Kris shared the video of how Josh celebrated his birthday in Tarlac. The now 26-year-old gave back to the people of Tarlac with relief goods.  

Back in March, the mom of two announced that Josh, who has been residing in Tarlac, has decided to stay there “forever.” 

In a past tell-all video, she clarified that this isn’t her way of establishing her presence in the same place her brother and father started their political journeys.  

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