Dimples Romana receives Gold Standard badge from NYU


Dimples Romana was surprised when she received a Gold Standard Badge from New York University for completing a career advancement course with flying colors.  

On social media, the actress revealed that she was taking a course on “Strategic Planning for Marketers” at the prominent university for her businesses and related endeavors.  


“Apparently, this badge is awarded to you when you have A for grade. You are even encouraged to this badge on your LinkedIn account to let people know that you have finished your courses with this badge and they’ll know your expertise,” she explained.  

Dimples shared that this feat came at a perfect time, just when her daughter Callie had finished high school with flying colors as well.  


The proud mom dedicated her gold badge to her husband Boyet and their kids Callie and Alonzo.  

Dimples recently fulfilled one of her dreams as a businesswoman with her restaurant, Alegria. The non-traditional Latin American restaurant went global as she opened up her first branch abroad.  


On social media, she shared that Alegria has made its way to Singapore. 

“What once was a dream is now a reality!” she said.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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