Andrea Brillantes surprised by amount of money she finds in Vicki Belo’s wallet


Andrea Brillantes gasped in shock after discovering how much money Dr. Vicki Belo’s wallet holds. 

The 18-year-old actress recently guested on the celebrity doctor’s YouTube channel, where they had a “Gen-Z chikahan” and bag raid. 

As she raided Vicki’s Louis Vuitton bag, Andrea found the former’s wallet and was granted permission to open it.

“Wala daw laman. Ang dami pong laman doktora. Ito po ba ‘yung walang laman para sa inyo?” a surprised Andrea told Vicki in the vlog. 

Andrea went on to share that in the past, she wouldn’t bring any wallet with her because she didn’t have any money to put into it.

“Ako nga po dati walang wallet kasi walang laman talaga. So ‘di na lang ako nag-wallet, kasi wala naman pera eh. Pero ngayon meron na, 18 na ako,” related Andrea.

“Ang daming — 1,000 lahat oh. Ganyan kakapal ‘yung 1,000 nito,” the former Kadenang Ginto star said and proceeded to take the cash out from Viki’s wallet.

“Wow!” Andrea exclaimed that made Vicki cover her face and react, “Oh no, huy!”

“Parang mabubuhay na po kami dito ng isang buwan. Sobra na ‘to sa kuryente namin eh,” Andrea continued to tease Vicki and asked what she uses her money for. 

“Sa ganyan? Wala insecure lang talaga ako ‘pag wala akong pera. Kaya kailangan lagi akong may pera,” answered Vicki. 

“Mama ko naman po, ‘pag wala na kaming pera nagkakasakit. Never nagkakasakit si mama pero pag sinipon ‘yan, nilagnat, ibig sabihin wala na kaming pera,” Andrea jokingly shared.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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