Derek Ramsay regrets breaking up with Andrea Torres over the phone


If there was one thing that Derek Ramsay regretted in his breakup with Andrea Torres, it would be how things ended between them over the phone.

Derek shed more light on what went wrong in his previous relationship in an interview with veteran showbiz news anchor Cristy Fermin on Tuesday for One News PH.

The 44-year-old actor said that it all started when they couldn’t see eye-to-eye on how to resolve an issue that cropped up in their relationship.

“Yung sa amin ni Andrea… may problema na nangyari na, I guess, nagbigay sa akin ng sign na, I think, this relationship, our views on this, sa problemang ‘yon, yung values namin, ng isa’t isa, (are) not the same.”

Derek stressed that he’s not saying that Andrea’s values nor his are wrong — it’s just that they differed because they were raised differently.

“Hindi ko na aatakihin ‘yon, hindi ko siya babaguhin. Hindi niya ako babaguhin,” he said.

“So I told her, ‘I think that this is the end of this relationship because we cannot see eye-to-eye on this matter. I think, it’s just best na we just… Kumalas na tayo ngayon rather than lalaki pa, and then two, three years down the road, maghihiwalay tayo.’

“Babalikan natin ito kasi nga iba ang views natin sa problemang ‘yan, and it’s a waste of time and it’s a waste of effort, and masakit, di ba?”

Derek admitted that he was the one who initiated the breakup — and it happened over the phone.

“So, ako yung nakipagkalas… Ako ang nag-bring up and she agreed. Hindi (personal), sa phone po namin. ‘Yun lang yung… Siguro kung may regret ako is that it came up over the phone. So, actually dapat magkikita kami noon. Ang nangyari, it came up over the phone. Pero with no disrespect. Wala naman kaming…Hindi namin dinisrespect ang isa’t isa. She agreed to it also.” 

With both their families already invested then in their relationship, Derek said he offered to talk to Andrea’s parents.

He was able to talk to Andrea’s mother, but her father told him there was no need to speak to him about it.

Derek said that his own mom even messaged Andrea’s mom after they split.

“We were all invested. Every Sunday, nagdi-dinner po ang both families dito sa bahay. And so, there’s no disrespect between me and Andrea and our families.”

After some hesitation, he eventually said yes to Fermin’s question whether their separation had something to do with Andrea’s family, but he no longer elaborated on his answer.

Derek confirmed the split with his fellow Kapuso star in November of last year, saying “it happened so fast” and that no third party was involved.

Andrea, on the other hand, has remained mum on the breakup to this day.

Derek got recently engaged to Ellen Adarna after two months of dating. The lovebirds are eyeing a “very simple” wedding middle of this year.

Watch the full interview in this link.


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