Ellen Adarna answers netizen’s question on her ‘contributions’ to home with Derek Ramsay 


Ellen Adarna was upfront with her followers on social media when she answered a question about her “contributions” for the home she’s living in with her husband Derek Ramsay.  

The celebrity mom opened her Instagram stories to her followers when she did a Q&A on her profile. One of the questions she answered was: “What [are] your contributions to the house you are living with Derek now?” 

With just one sentence, Ellen set the record straight in a video response.  

“My presence, my existence,” she said.  

In another video, she gave her advice for a netizen who asked for tips for a successful relationship in their 20s.  

The actress answered: “I don’t know, ‘day. But for me, if both parties, it can’t be one way, are willing to grow, learn, understand, and respect each other’s space and boundaries then I think that’s a good start.” 

Ellen and her hubby Derek recently to Europe for a fun adventure with her son Elias. The trio visited France, Sweden, and Finland.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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