Iza Calzado looks back on COVID-19 journey a year after getting infected


It’s already been a year since Iza Calzado won her battle against COVID-19.  

The actress took to Instagram to look back on her journey and encourage everyone going through struggles during this time to “fight to survive”. 

Back in March of last year, she was hospitalized for pneumonia while waiting for her COVID-19 test results. Her results came back positive, taking her 11 days in the hospital to survive the disease.  

“It was exactly a year ago when I was discharged from the hospital after 1 days of fighting this deadly virus we are now very much familiar with — Covid 19,” she started.  

Now, Iza said she is exactly where she wanted to be at that time — home.  


“Perhaps it is why I can’t even complain about being home. I do know that I am privileged to even have a home and food on the table and I acknowledge that it is something not everyone has, but should,” she wrote.  

While many people are struggling physically, mentally, spiritually, financially or all of it at the same time, the 38-year-old encouraged them to fight to survive.  

“You have been given an opportunity to live when so many have lost this chance. I hope you find something to live for and fight for just like I did when I was in the hospital and now that I am home,” she said.  

Iza gave a special shoutout for the frontliners who took care of her when she was ill and those who sent in their love and prayers when she needed it the most.  

“I don’t know what lies ahead. Yes, there is so much uncertainty and anxiety, but I recognize that every breath is a blessing and for as long as I have this gift I will continue to fight to survive, and, yes, thrive.  

“I pray you do too. Love and light, always,” she ended. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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