Iza Calzado turns sentimental as she reaches final stretch of pregnancy journey 


Iza Calzado is more than ready for the arrival of her first child! The soon-to-be mom turned sentimental on social media as she reaches the final stretch of her pregnancy journey.  

The actress reminisced on her life just months ago when she finally decided to temporarily hang up her jeans to finally wear maternity clothes.  

“This was the moments I felt and decided to hang up my jeans temporarily and honor my growing belly. I do miss dressing up in my old clothes but I honestly feel I will miss this beautiful pregnant belly of mine and feeling the kicks of my baby inside even more,” she wrote.  

In the snaps, Iza shared she was on a train from Paris to London with her longtime husband Ben Wintle.  

“What a ride it’s been! Konti na lang. Woooohhhh! Laban! Thank you Lord!” she ended her social media post.  

Just days ago, Iza finally revealed the gorgeous snaps from the baby shower her friends set up for her.  

Her caption read: “A few weeks ago, we were blessed with a stunning and heartfelt baby shower by our friends. Looking through the photos now and can’t help but think how loved out baby is and how blessed we are to have so many people to lean on through this parenthood journey, through life.” 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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