Jaclyn Jose wants to be like daughter Andi Eigenmann


Jaclyn Jose wrote a very special appreciation message for her daughter Andi Eigenmann.  

On social media, the veteran actress wrote about how proud she is of how her daughter is raising her three kids.  

Her note was made even more special when she included a throwback photo of her and Andi when she was still a baby. 

Jaclyn also took the opportunity to say sorry for her shortcomings as a mom.

“Anak hinahangaan kita sa kung (anong) meron ka buhay ngayon. Napakatapang mo sana ako din. Ang ganda ng pag papalaki mo sa mga bata. Sorry sa lahat pag kukulang ko,” she wrote.  

She also asked for understanding for any typos in her message, but one thing’s clear, she wants her daughter to know that she’s behind her all the way.

“Anak mahal na mahal kita at support ko lahat ng ginagawa mo…mag ingat palagi,” she ended.  

In previous social media posts, the 2016 Cannes Best Actress also expressed her approval of Andi’s fiancé Philmar Alipayo.

Describing how her future son-in-law asked her daughter to marry him as the “most romantic proposal,” Jaclyn said that their engagement photo’s nuances say “a million why I like, like this guy.”

Meanwhile, after giving birth to Koa in Manila, Andi and her happy island family has officially moved back to Philmar’s hometown Siargao.  

“A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks — from finally and officially moving to the island and having to readjust, this time with 3 kids,” she wrote.  

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