Andrea Torres marks Women’s Month with Bridgerton-inspired photoshoot


Andrea Torres in definitely looking like the “belle of the ball” in a Bridgerton-inspired photoshoot to celebrate the International Women’s Month.

On Thursday, the 30-year-old actress shared some photos where she channelled the classy debutanté look from the hit Netflix series, with a backdrop styled in the “trappings of the early 1800s — the opulent and romantic Regency Era.”

Andrea said that the primary influence of the shoot was “derived from the female protagonists’ strength,” while quoting a powerful line by the female lead character Daphne Bridgerton: “You think that just because I am a woman, I am incapable of making my own choices?”

She then encouraged fellow women to be the heroes of their own stories. “We, women, can be the heroine in our own life story because we have and will always have that power (may it be in an Empire-waist dress, in a tight corset, or just plain pajamas).”

According to the planning team La Belle Fete, reimagining Bridgerton with the Kapuso star meant creating a dreamy yet clear concept that highlighted the “beauty and strength” of their muse.

They said that like the Bridgerton women, Andrea is the kind of woman who handles situations in life with grace.

“Andrea’s bold depiction of the Bridgerton women relates to taking control of every situation life presents to her — with utmost grace, confidence, and sophistication.”

The official photographer Nice Print, on the other hand, said how the shoot was “aptly shot during International Women’s Month (as) it emphasizes the ethos of empowering women amid societal edicts.”

To caption the photos, they also shared a line from the period drama, “Emerging, phoenix-like from the ashes is one Miss Daphne Bridgerton” — or in this case, one Miss Andrea Torres.

Here are more photos from her editorial shoot:

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