Heart Evangelista shares bedroom rule: ‘Don’t make bihis in front of husband’


Heart Evangelista shared some of her personal bedroom rules to keep her marriage with husband Chiz Escudero fresh and exciting.

“Ako, pag natutulog ako, super gown ako,” the Kapuso star said in her YouTube interview with celebrity beauty doctor Aivee Aguilar-Teo.

“I wear silk, robe na maganda because wala ka na ngang makeup, (so) gandahan mo na. It feels good ha. Even in the morning, it feels good to wake up like that,” she added.

She also follows what she learned from her father, Rey Ongpauco — that is, to make sure she leaves something for herself. 

“My dad would always tell me, you have to leave a little bit for yourself. So if you go to the toilet, close the door. If magbibihis ka, don’t make bihis in front (of your husband). Ako, I don’t dress up in front of Chiz. When he sees me naked, he only sees me naked when it’s… that one,” she shared.  

When asked why, Heart explained, “Because it has to be fresh eh sa mata niya. Hindi yung nagdadaan ka, nagpupulbo ka (ng kili-kili). Di ba ang panget di ba?”

Heart added that Chiz will never see her putting lotion. And that the moment he wakes up, she’s already looking fresh. Or once her husband goes down to have his coffee, she will take a bath. “Morning breath? The moment I go to the toilet (I gargle).” 

She continued, “My dad always tell me, kung kaya, have separate banyo.” But since she and Chiz only share one bathroom “we made sure the toilet (ay) may doors at close talaga siya.” 

Heart agreed that sometimes with couples, they get so comfortable with each other that they tend to forget looking after themselves.

“Actually, it’s not na inuuna mo yung para sa kanya — it’s also for yourself.”

Meanwhile, Heart shared how she “envisioned and manifested” her ending up with the Sorsogon governor.

She remembered first seeing him at a beauty pageant in La Union with her then ex boyfriend. “Sino to? Kasi when he went up the stage everyone was singing the Bamboo song Hallelujah. So I said, sino siya?

“Nung nagsalita kahit yung lakad niya, ang charming naman nito. And then I remember, yung ex ko nag-antay sa kotse, after that sinabi ko pa sa ex ko, ‘You know, I think I like him.’ And then from that day on, lagi ko ng pinapanood yung mga speech nya. Crush ko talaga siya. Di ko alam na hiwalay siya.”

Years later, she became close to the late senator Miriam Santiago who asked her one time about crushes and she mentioned Chiz, then a senator.

“And sabi niya, ‘Oh he’s getting annulled. Let me check if he’s annulled.’ So yun, tinawagan niya.” The rest, as they say, is history.

The couple celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary last February 15.

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