Edu Manzano figures in car accident with pet dogs


Veteran actor and TV host Edu Manzano detailed an accident he encountered with his pet dogs that caused him to miss out on important occasions.

In his recent Instagram post, Edu shared about the mishap he experienced involving his two golden retrievers.

He wrote, “It hasn’t been a great week. Due to an accident with my golden retrievers, I missed a wedding and a baptism due to my immobility.”

The actor also posted images of his wounds and injuries sustained in the incident and provided an update on his health.

He expressed sadness for not being able to fulfill two significant commitments due to his difficulty in walking and promised to make it up to the people he missed.

“I’m posting because I’m sad I missed those 2 very [important] occasions. Gus & Gi, Bob & Ayi babawi ako when I’m good enough to walk,” he concluded.

Edu also expressed gratitude to the doctors who were taking care of him.

Fellow celebrities extended their healing messages in the comments section including Arnold Clavio, Zsa Zsa Padilla, RK Bagatsing, and Marjorie Baretto, among others.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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