Mountain climber Carina Dayondon has been named Conservation Hero by the international environmental group World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

This is the latest recognition for the first Filipina to conquer the Seven Summits or all the tallest mountains in each of the seven continents, including the world’s highest Mt. Everest.

Dayondon joined an all-women roster of honorees at the WWF-Philippines Partner’s Night on November 5, which recognized the “Role of Women in Environmental Conservation”, an article by said.

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We are any ordinary normal Filipina who has done extraordinary things of climbing Mt.Everest together with Janet Belarmino and Noelle Cristina Wenceslao last May 16, 2007. Our team’s success made us the first three (3) Filipinas and First three women in South East Asia to summit Mt. Everest. And we made a world record of being the first three women in the world to traversed/crossed Mt. Everest – until now no other women have done it and a handful of men did it. Why am I sharing this journey? Because this is a story of a human spirit, against all odds, chasing one's dream that was made possible by TEAMWORK, UNITY, inspirations, grit and determination. The mountains was very kind to us; she saw in us our good intentions, so she allowed us to stand on her highest points for us to pray, pay respect, enjoy the rarest view and the beauty of God’s creation. We, as mountaineers and adventurers, never aim to conquer the power and might of Mother Nature. Instead, WE CONQUER our own self doubts and fears and to go beyond our self limits. The formula for success has never changed; passion, courage, hard work, determination, belief in one’s self and faith in God. “Even if challenges are thrown your way, cast no doubt in facing them and you will attract and draw in people that will help you. And this accomplishment just simply symbolic of who we are as a Filipino and what we are capable of achieving. May this journey of a Filipinas on Mt.Everest 2007 keep your dreams alive and inspire you to reach for the farthest star in your life! Continue dreaming, achieving, and soaring high Filipinas! Always, we do our best and God will do the rest!

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The elite mountaineer was awarded for her efforts in environmental conservation under WWF-Philippines.

And of course, she was celebrated for her extraordinary feat in reaching all the world’s seven highest peaks, including Mt. Denali in North America (2006), Mt. Everest in Asia (2007), Mt. Elbrus in Europe (2013), Mt. Kosciuszko in Australia (2014), Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa (2015), Mt. Aconcagua in South America (2018), and Mt. Vinson Massif in Antarctica (2018).

Felicitations to our Mt. Everest and Balangay Teammate Carina Dayondon for being chosen by WWF-Philippines as one of the…

Nai-post ni Balangay Voyage noong Miyerkules, Nobyembre 6, 2019

In May 2019, the Senate gave the mountaineer a citation given to Filipino Olympians, SEA Games medalists and National Athletes for bringing honor to the country by completing the Seven Summits in December 2018.

Despite all the hardships she went through for such an achievement, Dayondon said that what’s more important is that she has inspired the Filipinos.

“What’s more important for me is we showed to the Filipinas, the young ones, there’s nothing impossible if you’re determined, focused, and if you believe in your dreams. It’s okay to get a record but does it have a point? Did you inspire anyone? Did you touch anyone’s heart, inspire them to do something like that?” she told WWF in January 2019.

Dayondon, who is also a Philippine Coast Guard officer, is likewise a member of Mt. Everest Team’s Balangay Voyages, which journey across oceans aboard the ancient vessel “balangay” to “spread awareness on the roots of the Filipino culture”.

Girl power it is!

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