Who is Julia Barretto in love with?


Julia Barretto revealed that she is happily in love once again. 

The 23-year-old actress made the revelation in an interview with Mega Entertainment published on November 3, Tuesday. 

When she was asked if love is the reason for her glow of happiness, she finally admitted that she is in love but it seems like that’s all she is willing to share right now. 

“So one of the things I made myself confident in when it comes to my personal relationships is that I’m in control. I am in total control of how much I am only willing to share and how much I am only allowing people to know. 


“I’ve already come to realize how important it is to protect your peace and privacy — and that both go well together,” she said in the interview.

Before Julia’s recent admission, she hinted at a new romance in her life when she mentioned she will be celebrating her 23rd birthday with her family and “loved one” in March. 


Since her breakup with her last known boyfriend Joshua Garcia, the 24-year-old remained elusive with the current state of her heart.

In a past vlog, where she answered questions from her followers on Instagram, she declared that she will not entertain questions about her love life “ever again.”

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Julia has been romantically linked to her Between Maybes co-star Gerald Anderson. They figured in a “pregnancy rumor” which they both quickly debunked.



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