Kris Aquino happy to feel like a ‘normal, regular person’ while dining at fast food resto


Kris Aquino happily shared how she felt like a “normal, regular person” when she was finally able to dine at a fast food restaurant after years of not being able to. 

The television host-actress showed up at the fast food resto wearing a full gown while her fiancé Mel Sarmiento wore a barong. 

The two had gone to a wedding outside of Metro Manila and needed to grab a meal during their long trip back home. 

“It was more than 3 hrs to get back kaya nag stop sa fast food and it’s been YEARS since I’ve entered that particular brand and after the pandemic naaliw sa kin everyone with me especially Mel, because I said ang sarap maging normal, regular person,” she wrote on an Instagram post. 

While she was warned that her getup might attract onlookers, she persisted and even thanked the staff for accommodating them. 

“1st time Mel & i ever ate out so you say it was our 1st date – we won’t forget you,” she ended. 

Under the comments, Sarmiento, using Aquino’s Instagram profile affirmed his love for Kris.

The 50-year-old is set to marry the former Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary. 

On October 24, she announced their engagement on an Instagram post affirmed that breaking up is out of the question for them.

“Bawal pala i-mention yung IG name ni pennyswise_not_so_wise I said in Bimb’s interview, I will spend the rest of my life with her, kaya yung pag hi hiwalay is not going to happen. I love her very much. – Mel S. Sarmiento, her future husband,” he wrote.

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