‘From egg to hooman’: Meryll Soriano chronicles pregnancy journey in photos

Just after their baby turned one-month-old, Meryll Soriano and Joem Bascon finally shared photos from their journey towards becoming “Mum and Dud.” 

On Instagram, the 38-year-old actress showed the progress of her pregnancy, from having a baby bump to finally holding their son in their arms.  

“From egg to hooman. Mum & Dud pregnancy journey,” she wrote as the caption of her post.

A day before, Meryll celebrated the first month of their baby boy, finally giving followers the date he was born.

Meryll started the year with a surprise as she introduced her newborn child. In her post she was joined by Joem, their baby and her eldest son Elijah Palanca.  

“New year, new hopes, new positive outcomes,” she wrote in her post.  

Their baby reveal confirmed speculations that she and Joem rekindled their relationship after their breakup 10 years ago.  

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