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‘By God’s grace, we got through that period’: Coleen Garcia shares challenges in pregnancy journey

Just a few months into her pregnancy, Coleen Garcia experienced spotting which turned out to be a subchorionic hemorrhage of hematoma, she said in her YouTube vlog with husband Billy Crawford.

The 27-year-old actress said she was put on bed rest for two weeks. Physically, she noted, everything went well but the experience took a toll on her mental health. 

“Everything was great kaya lang yung mental state ko really, really suffered during that time. The whole two weeks kasi I wasn’t allowed to do anything but stay in bed,” she said. 

The former It’s Showtime host revealed that she felt depressed knowing she was being productive during her bed rest. 

“I have an overactive mind to the point na minsan it’s anxiety-inducing already for me. To be in bed for two weeks, not doing anything, with anxiety, really made me feel so depressed,” she explained. 

Thankfully, after the two week-long bed rest, her blood clot healed. Coleen said she owes her healing mentally and physically to God. 

“Yung overcoming that feeling of depression during those two weeks, was already something that I had a hard time with. By God’s grace, we got through that period. It’s different now kasi iba yung naka-quarantine ka, iba yung naka bed rest ka,” she said.

Coleen and Billy announced that they are expecting their first baby on May 1. On Instagram, she showed off her five-month baby bump.

Rossane Ramos

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