Chynna Ortaleza looks back on her ‘Day 1’ as a mother


Kapuso artist Chynna Ortaleza touched the hearts of netizens when she looked back on her “day 1” as a mother.  

On Instagram, the 38-year-old mother of two wrote about how a shift had happened when she started her journey as a mother.  

“There was one shift that happened. A quality that I never had a firm grasp on. Selflessness was a gift that was bestowed to me upon Stellar’s arrival,” she wrote.  

Along with her heartwarming sentiments, Chynna shared a throwback photo of one of her first moments with daughter, Stellar.  

After having two kids, she opened up that she remains grateful to be a mother to her children with husband Kean Cipriano.  

“4 years and 2 children after I remain ever grateful for the chance to be able to nurture & love them,” she ended.  

In a past post, she asked her followers on Instagram how they discipline their kids since her youngest Salem is “quite the character.” 

“My boy is ever changing, likes sparring, spilling liquid & is currently trying to test how far he can go before he gets called out,” she wrote.

Their first child, Stellar, was born in 2016, while Salem was born in September 2019. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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