‘Forever my dream girl’: Doug Kramer pens sweet birthday message to wife Chesca


Doug Kramer wrote a heartfelt message for his dear wife Chesca Garcia who is celebrating her birthday today. 

The former basketball player began his Instagram post by jokingly revealing how old Chesca is: “This is the first time I’m going to reveal her real age! She’s 40 going 23 ?.”

“You seem to have stopped aging when I met you at 23. But let’s face it, your real beauty is within. You’ve grown deeper as a woman and evolved to what God has truly molded you to be. A mother and a wife,” Doug captioned a throwback photo of Chesca taken 17 years ago. 

Doug continued, “I’m a witness to how God has transformed you. It’s so easy to please you. All you want is time, conversations and now the occasional gardening tools and cookware. Haha!”

Doug went on to gush about their relationship: “Honey, I’ve now known you half my life and our relationship just keeps getting better. We’re really growing old together!”


He added, “You’ll forever be my dream girl that I met and married! You’re mine and I’m yours.

“To more adventures and challenges!I love you to the moon and back ?❤️!”

The couple have three wonderful kids together — Kendra, Scarlet and Gavin. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart wanders on the internet, hearts Kpop (and ofc her bias), loves everything purple. When she's not writing, she's fighting with her dear cat.