Gretchen nag-celebrate, Marjorie kasama na uli si Inday


Celebration with Tony Boy Cojuangco and Atong Ang and Sunday lunch with Mrs. Inday Barretto ang pinagkaabalahan nina Gretchen and Marjorie ngayong weekend, habang si Claudine Barretto ay ang paalala ng pagiging “good daughter” ni Marjorie sa kanilang ina.

Nauna nang nag-upload si Claudine yesterday afternoon ng video sa hospital na naririnig na nagsasalita si Marjorie ng ‘‘We’re leaving dad. Super drama to death si Inday. Baka masapak ko.” Pero burado na ang nasabing video.

Ang interview ni Marjorie sa TV Patrol ang ipinalit ni Claudine sa kanyang Instagram post at nilagyan ng caption na: “My Heart breaks for my mom. Although this didn’t surprise me (because) she does this all the time. Earlier this year, she was going to hurt my mom physically and in so many more times. Now that my Dad is not around, I promise on my father’s grave that this will never happen again.”

“This was the argument my mom and Marjorie had regarding Julia’s 500k hospital contribution (in exchange of my parents’ Subic home) #gooddaughter.

“Here’s a fact: Marjorie came out of the ICU where my dad was in a critical condition. Only two visitors at a time can enter the ICU (it was only mom Inday and Marjorie inside the ICU). She then says, super drama si Inday baka MASAPAK KO (who then can she refer to other than my mom inday).

“To the one who sent this video. Thank you so much.”

Nasa Instagram video naman ni Gretchen na magkatabi ng upuan sina Mr. Cojuangco na partner ni Gretchen at ang controversial businessman na si Mr. Ang na walang “gulong” nagaganap.

Si Marjorie naman ay “Sunday lunch. We miss you today, Dad.”

Officially, hindi pa tapos ang Barreto serye.

Mukhang marami pang aabangan.

Salve Asis
Salve Asis
Salve Asis is an entertainment columnist and editor of Pilipino Star Ngayon and Pang Masa. A member of the Cinema Evaluation Board, she’s one of the founders and officers of the Society of Philippine Entertainment Editors (SPEED).