For NoKor, Crash Landing On You fans ‘no shame, immoral’


North Korean propaganda media outlets recently took a jab at South Korean dramas and films, The Korea Herald reported. 

Although the exact titles were not mentioned, the editorial published by Uriminzokkiri outlet online appeared to refer to the recent hit drama series Crash Landing On You and the film Ashfall, South Korea’s English-language daily said.

The commentary read: “Recently, South Korean authorities and film producers are releasing anti-republic films and TV dramas that are deceptive, fabricated, absurd and impure, putting all their efforts on making strategic propaganda.”

“It’s an unbearable insult against the same people and is unacceptable and atrocious provocation,” it added. 

Uriminzokkiri also condemned the productions regarding the “tragedy of separation as a source of entertainment and profiteering,” adding that the “people who enjoy such content have no shame and are immoral.”

Korean Herald also reported that another North Korean propaganda outlet Meari criticized the productions as “false and full of scheming” for “slandering our republic (and) causing outrage of our people.”

Both Ashfall and Crash Landing On You touch on inter-Korean relations.

In Ashfall, Korea’s tallest volcano Baekdusan, which is located on the China-North Korea border, erupts and causes pandemonium in the Korean peninsula. A SoKor seismologist will partner with a rogue NoKor officer to prevent looming destruction, according to its synopsis.

The disaster movie was screened in Philippine cinemas last month.

Crash Landing On You, on the other hand, is about the cross-border romance between a South Korean heiress and a North Korean army captain. The rom-com recently ended its 16-episode run with the highest nationwide viewership ratings for Korean cable channel tvN.

The drama that aired internationally via Netflix is also the “most popular” content among Filipinos. This is based on the new Top 10 feature of the streaming giant, which enables subscribers to know the most-watched Netflix shows and movies in one’s country.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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