Andi Eigenmann’s happy island family is back in Siargao


After months of being “stuck” in Manila, Andi Eigenmann and her happy island family is back home in Siargao.  

On social media, the mom of three shared that their “most meaningful adventure yet” as a family has finally come to an end.  

“After (8 months for me and Lilo, 4 for @chepoxz and 1 yr for Ellie), the happy island fam has finally made their way back to Siargao! 

“Been back and busy enjoying fam time and settling into our new home. This explains our being MIA on social media,” she wrote.  

In another post, Andi revealed that she has been waiting for years to finally say that they are back home.  

Her post read: “Been waiting years to finally be able to say, at long last we are home. Life is indeed in paradise.” 

Just before they left for “paradise,” Andi shared the good thing that came out of being stuck at home in Manila — regular family visits and Sundays spent lazing about.  

“Happy to see and grow much closer to all these peeps in the last 8 months! Thank you for making Manila more bearable for us,” she wrote.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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