Andi Eigenmann reveals third baby’s gender in cupcake surprise


Andi Eigenmann has kept this secret for so long! The soon-to-be mom of three finally revealed the gender of her third baby in a fun do-it-yourself gender reveal at home.  

In her most recently uploaded video on YouTube, the actress said she wanted to surprise her partner Philmar Alipayo and her daughters, Ellie and Lilo, with the gender of their new addition to the family with cupcakes.  

After hitting a few bumps in the road, like her icing curdling when she mixed it for too long, the happy mom finally produced three cupcakes filled with colored icing to represent the baby’s gender.  

As the three ate their cupcakes, Philmar immediately noted the icing and celebrated when he realized his second child with Andi will be a boy. She also gave them a box of blue baby clothes to confirm their guess.  

Andi is already in her third trimester of pregnancy. They are expecting to meet their baby in 2021. 

She announced that she was expecting again back in August with a pregnancy reveal vlog on their YouTube family channel, Happy Islanders.
Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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