‘Do us all a favor and don’t come to the theater’: Lea Salonga blasts phone use during show


Lea Salonga didn’t mince words against theater-goers who still use their phones during stage shows despite constant warnings of ushers and staff not to do so. 

The theater icon slammed these inconsiderate patrons and told them to keep their “arse at home” on a Facebook post last October 14. 

“If you can’t stay off your phone for a few hours, do us all a favor and don’t come to the theater. Not only are you a distraction to the actors, but you’re also a nuisance to the other patrons sitting around you that actually want to be there,” she said.

“If you’re only going to show off that you can afford it, but don’t actually possess the manners, keep your arse at home,” she added.

Lea disclosed that they have been “trying so hard” with cellphone advisories on social media and inside the theater.

“Our ushers are also working hard, telling you twice to put your phone away. TWICE! But you’re just either too dense or entitled to think that it applies to you, it seems,” she said. 

In another post, Lea branded the rule-breaking patrons as “entitled, moronic c***s.”

“And still, despite everything, there were folks using their cellphones during Sweeney Todd. I hope the earth opens up and swallows you whole, you entitled, moronic c***s,” she said. 

The series of rants came after the first show of the musical adaptation of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, where Lea stars in. The Atlantis production will run until October 27 at The Theatre in Solaire before it moves on to Singapore.  

Just 6 months ago, Lea called out these phone-using audience members in a Facebook post.  

“More cellphone users at plays and concerts. You guys have zero manners, zero breeding, zero empathy,” she said. 

She added: “Money may get you theater tickets and your state of the art cellphone, but it can’t buy you class.”

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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