Erik Matti says ‘love-hate’ relationship with late Peque Gallaga toughened him as filmmaker


“You are the last of the mavericks, Peqs. You are a genius. Thank you for everything.”

Multi-awarded director Erik Matti penned a heartfelt message for his mentor, the late Peque Gallaga. 

The veteran director Peque Gallaga passed away on Thursday “due to complications arising from past health conditions.”

On his message posted on Facebook, Matti said the Oro, Plata, Mata director was the father he didn’t want to disappoint but also the father he resented. 

He shared that Gallaga taught him everything he knew about films. 

“I know we’ve fought in and out over the years. The last time I saw you was in a pictorial where I didn’t know we were together. And at the expense of looking arrogant, I walked out. But it wasn’t out of arrogance, Pegs. It was out of fear of getting the ire of a father,” he said. 

Matti added their “love-hate relationship” and the fights that come with it had toughened him.

“If there’s any regret with our falling out, it’s losing hearing my mentor give me pointers on the films I’ve made. Hell, I don’t even know if you’ve seen any of the films I made. And that pains me,” he shared. 

He then promised his then mentor that he will make movies that will forever seek Gallaga’s approval. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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