Richard Gomez explains why Ormoc City is COVID-19 free


Ormoc Mayor Richard Gomez said his city is free of the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease because they have closed their borders early. 

“We started closing our borders on March 13. It’s been over a month already since the time we closed it. We’re very strict in allowing people to enter Ormoc City,” he said in an ANC interview.

He added that Ormoc will continue closing their borders since he believes that the infection will not stop anytime soon. 

“We only allow entry into Ormoc City if there are heart diseases, emergency operations, if they’ll be giving birth but for those patients complaining (about) a respiratory illness, they need to get a doctor’s clearance from our city’s health office,” he said.

Gomez said that 17 of the city’s persons under investigation (PUIs) tested negative yesterday. He added that they have built their own isolation hospital to monitor the situation. 

“What is important here now, we really have to tell people to strictly follow social distancing. We cannot see our enemy, it’s a difficult kind of war this time but what will save us now really is the discipline coming from people,” he ended. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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