The Miss Universe bet we never had? Manila’s Alexandra Abdon steals netizens’ hearts


Is Manila’s Alexandra Abdon the Miss Universe bet we never had?

Netizens are absolutely hooked with the “realest” beauty queen they have probably seen — Alexandra Abdon of Manila. 

The 25-year-old definitely showed her true self during the pageant and everyone’s living for the beauty who truly embodied Manileños. 

Cheers? Twitter users were all laughs when a screenshot from Miss Universe Antique Joecel Robenta’s Instagram of Alexandra serving shots of tequila surfaced online. 

“Unbothered queen,” a netizen said.

Others jokingly said Alex is “raising awareness for those who love to tagay.”

“Personality kung personality ang labanan para kay Miss Manila,” a netizen said along with a video of Alex introducing herself with “chika” during a closed door preliminary interview.

“Ms. Manila is such a breather for sure,” a netizen wrote.

“May not scream for the crown but definitely a breath of fresh air, thank you Miss Manila,” another said. 

Others gushed over how cute she was in the pageant’s teaser. As everyone else were speaking in their own language, Miss Manila had a modern twist of her own with: “Miss Universe etneb etneb!”

Another Twitter user said Alex is “straight up authentic” after showing her “conyo” self in an interview. 

“She’s like my sister, my female neighbors, friends, classmates, officemates. And the other candidates are much like the models i see in magazines and the influencers on ig,” a fan said. 

Miss Manila previously trended after her “casual” preliminary interviews were circulated online.

When a panelist told her to answer each question within 10 seconds, she amused netizens for asking a time-out.

“Wait lang, kailangan kong huminga, kailangan kong huminga,” she said.

She later explained why she answered the way she did.

Alexandra said, “Super natural ko lang kasi. Basically, ganito talaga kami sa Manila, like, super, hindi kami super nagpe-fake ng personality namin.

“Kung paano kami mag-dress up, kaya most of the time lagi lang akong naka-pajama. And then yesterday, I’m wearing a sweatshirt, not like this. And then, super comfortable ako without make-up.”

When she was told her time was up, she jokingly told the panelist: “Thank you so much. Easy ka lang sa pag-time parang nagugulat ako, e. May galit ka yata, Sir? Gulat ako!'”

In an Instagram post on Sunday, Alexandra thanked those who have been with her on her Miss Universe Philippines journey.

“Anlakas nyo, pinapaiyak nyo ako everytime na magoopen ako ng social media. ?? Legit love ko kayo!!! Positive or negative, mahal ko kayo lahat!!!


“I’m ‘super’ happy reading all your messages & comments! Puro saya at pagmamahal lang nararamdaman ko dahil sa inyo. May negative, oo. Pero sorry di ako nakafocus sa inyo.”

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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