#NOtoABSCBNFranchiseDenial, other related hashtags dominate Twitter trends


Just moments after the House of Representatives denied broadcast network ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal application, netizens took to social media to express their reactions to the news. 

The hashtag “#NOtoABSCBNFranchiseDenial” landed the top spot on Twitter Philippines’ top trending list. While “ABS-CBN”, “#IbalikAngABSCBN” and “#DefendPressFreedom” took the third, fourth and fifth spot, respectively.

The STAR reported that a majority of 70 regular members of the committee on legislative franchises and House leaders who stood as ex-officio members voted to reject bills seeking to grant the Lopez-owned network a fresh 25-year franchise, ending the broadcast giant’s use of Channel 2 after 53 years.

Some netizens expressed their sadness, knowing that their favorite Kapamilya shows and traditions like the Christmas station ID release will be gone soon. 

While others took note of the congressmen who said yes to the denial of the network’s franchise renewal. 

“Maniningil ang kasaysayan,” a Twitter user said. 

“This is a day to be remembered. The day that our lawmakers have been weighed, have been measure, & have been found wanting. How truly disheartening. To our Kapamilyas, let us together find light in this darkness. We are with you. This, too, shall pass,” another said.

“To all this brave bosses of ABS-CBN who fought until the end we all thank you, Kudos,” another wrote. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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