Baron Geisler drops bombshell: ‘Ping Medina raped my ex-girlfriend’


Ping Medina became a hot topic on Twitter after Baron Geisler disclosed the reason why he peed on him back in 2016. 

A netizen in a tweet on Tuesday warned of Ping being a sexual predator, to which Baron agreed and replied “True. My ex was raped by him and his friend”. 

Several Twitter users also took to the platform to expose and share their malicious allegations with Ping. 

In a TV Patrol interview in November 2016, Ping Medina got emotional after recalling how Baron urinated on him while they were filming on the set of “Bubog.”

“Talagang binaboy niya ako, binaboy niya yung pagkakaibigan ko sa kanya,” he said. 

Due to his outrage over the incident, the actor injured himself after hitting the metal walls on the set.

Film director Arlyn Dela Cruz then decided to drop Geisler from the film, while Ping was replaced by another actor. 

As of this writing, Twitterverse is waiting for Ping – who is quite active on the platform – to air his side.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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