Cesar Montano reveals mystery woman in viral birthday greeting video


The mystery woman from Cesar Montano’s viral video back in 2018 finally revealed herself in yet another birthday greeting video from the actor. 

Two years ago, Cesar filmed a video greeting to a certain barangay kagawad in Sta. Ana, Manila for his birthday. The video caught the eyes of netizens when a naked woman was seen in the background. 

This weekend, he sent another birthday greeting video, which seemed to reenact his past viral clip, for entertainment columnist Dolly Anne Carvajal. 

“BFF! Happy happy birthday to you. ‘Wag na ‘wag mong kakalimutan na mayroong ‘Buboy,’ Cesar Montano nagmamahal at nagdadarasal ng iyong safety and good health. Love you, BFF Dolly,” he said while a woman is seen in the background. 

He then joked that the woman behind him — his “talent” — is now fully clothed unlike last time. The woman agreed, saying that they are now “wholesome.”

“Next time yung isa kong talent na available na. ‘Yun talagang daring ‘yun. Next time na lang ‘yun,” he quipped as the woman jokingly rolled her eyes.

The mystery woman has been identified in reports as Cesar’s long-time partner, Socorro Angeles.

Cesar was married to actress Sunshine Cruz. They have three daughters together. Their annulment was granted back in 2018. 

Sunshine is also happily in a relationship with Macky Mathay.


Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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